Group Coaching

Wellbeing hubs, in person or online. 
A space to talk in a friendly environment with 
menopause advice, tips from guest experts and much more!

Get Together on a Menopause Wellbeing Mission

Mel’s Wellbeing Hubs offer a safe space for ladies to come together each week in a friendly environment to talk (and us ladies love to talk!). 

As well as talking, you’ll get advice and information on the menopause – what it is, why it happens, what happens 
and options for easing the symptoms. 

We will also learn about mindfulness, and practice positive psychology techniques 
to help you better cope with your symptoms and to have a more positive menopause journey. 

The Hubs will feature guest experts from time to time on a wide range of topics connected to menopause too! 
From sleep, to skincare, weight loss and time management.

Come along to meet other ladies going through the menopause and feel a little less alone in your journey – there’ll be plenty of laughs, 
most likely some tears (hormones!) and a lot of love too.

Follow my social pages below to keep up with the latest news from me and find out where my Wellbeing Hubs will take place.

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