I Couldn’t Make a Phone Call

Older Woman holding her head.jpeg
I’d been struggling with work for a while. I didn’t know why. But things I’d always done with confidence were getting harder. 

 My mind was working overtime. I was struggling to plan properly. Brain fog meant that I was forgetting things. 
 I’d always been a “hotshot PA”- on top of things, like 100% super organised – but lately things had started to slip.  

One day my manager asked me to call someone. I’ve never been a confident phone person – if I could email instead then that would be my preference, but for work purposes I’d always forced myself to call people as it was part of the job, wasn’t it?

But that day, I just couldn’t do it. My mind was racing. The thought of picking up the phone and talking to this particular person was too much. My stomach was churning, my heart thumping. I got up from my desk, and had to leave the room, having a panic attack. That was scary.

It turned out that this was all part of the onset of my menopause symptoms. Anxiety. The thought of talking to strangers was getting too much. I couldn’t make that phone call. I could no longer do my job. The job I’d done for 20 years.

The psychological symptoms of menopause can be horrific. Some of the ladies I have spoken with have used expressions such as “I didn’t recognise myself anymore” “I felt like a different person” “I have lost all of my confidence”. It doesn’t seem fair does it? This natural occurrence (I mean, 100% of women go through it!) can affect our personalities so negatively.

But I want to tell you something - I no longer struggle with anxiety. I’m still menopausal, still got at least 12 months to go, in fact, but I have made changes to my lifestyle and mindset and I actually do feel like a different person – BUT IN A POSITIVE WAY!!!! 

I will call anyone now. I’ll walk into a room full of strangers and introduce myself and talk about my life and my business. I’ll sing in front of other people! And I will make that bloody phone call. There is definitely hope when it comes to psychological symptoms of menopause – get in touch today and find out how I can help!