Local Mum Becomes Menopause Champion to Support Women and Workplaces

A mum of 3, from Warrington, is excited to celebrate a key milestone in her life this week, having becoming a Certified Menopause Support Coach. 

After leaving her career of 25 years in the corporate world, to support other women going through menopause, and to use her training and skills to now help challenge the taboo around menopause, changing the focus from negative to positive and setting out to encourage local businesses to do more to support and retain their female employees. 

Melanie Pollard, 48, also known as the “Mindful Menopause Champion” has recently qualified as a Certified Menopause Support Coach and is supporting women going through menopause with their symptoms and helping them to look at ways in which they can make positive changes to their lives. Melanie is also working with HR departments and senior management teams to support their female employees and to help them to understand them with empathy, and to educate employers on practical changes they can make to improve working environments and advise on menopause policy. 

She is passionate about rewriting the narrative for menopause and encouraging women to embrace it with confidence. Having been one of the statistics of ‘one in 10 women leaving their job due to their menopause symptoms’ Melanie has walked away from her 25 year career to re-establish herself for her next chapter, after menopause driven anxiety and lack of understanding and support within the workplace meant that her position was untenable. With statistics showing that there are currently 4.5m women aged 50-64 in employment Melanie is on a mission to ensure both women, and workplaces are supported better. She said: “This is a topic of such importance to so many, which has previously been a taboo subject and something looked on in a negative light. 
I would love to change perspectives, get women at work the support they deserve and ultimately have women seeing the menopause as simply the next chapter in their lives and a catalyst for a positive change.” 

Melanie, a best selling author, recently wrote about her journey with anxiety and how this worsened during menopause - and how she realised years later that her late mum had also left her own job due to anxiety in menopause - although back in the 1990s this was not even a consideration as a cause for her decline in mental health. She sees a real need to educate business owners, HR departments and senior management teams in the best ways to support their female employees and ultimately keep these valuable employees happy and to encourage their wellbeing at work. 

Melanie offers corporate workshops, menopause policy consultation, one to one coaching and will soon be offering group wellbeing sessions locally. 

In her spare time Melanie also facilitates the Menopause Cafe Warrington. Held monthly, it is a free meeting where women can gather to eat cake, drink tea and to talk all things menopause. Meetings can be found on Facebook events and Eventbrite. You can contact Melanie via her Facebook page: or by email:

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